One of the latest surveys in the beauty industry reports that in the recent years people who want to use hair extensions have increased by more than 40%. At the same time, the human hair extensions are ever increasingly demanded and preferred all over the world. Indeed, natural hair extensions have the same structure as your hair, blend very well with it and their life is much longer than the synthetic ones. There are three basic types of human hair extensions that you can choose from. We will start with the highest quality hair.

Virgin human hair

Virgin human hair is the best quality hair on the market. This hair is obtained from women or young girls who have never treated their hair chemically (color-dyed) or thermal (curling, straightening) with a curling iron nor a hair straightener. Also, very often this type of hair has not been dried with a hairdryer and it is carefully kept under a headscarf. This is the highest grade hair extension and of course the price is the highest. You can do everything which you do with your own hair - color-dyed, straightening and curling.

Remy Human Hair

Almost all online stores claim that they sell only Remy human hair. What does this mean? When the hair is Ramy all hairs in the extension are arranged in the same order from the top to the root and the hair growth is preserved unchanged. Generally, the remy technology guarantees a longer life of the hair extension and protects the hair from entanglement. The lowest quality human hair follows.

Non Remy human hair

Unfortunately, in 90% of the cases the claim that the hair is Remy is an advertisement trick to justify the higher price of the hair. The non Remy hair is usually collected from hairdressing salon’s floors and it is impossible for each hair to be properly arranged (the roots in one direction and the ends in other direction). Very soon the hair extensions get tangled and become practically unusable. We hope we have been useful to you and you could already distinguish the different human hair types!