It is March and the modern trends in the hairstyles for 2017 are available. We review the main and the most popular of them for the year. One thing is sure – simplicity and negligence in the hairstyle are modern. Overall, again the straight and the curly hair are two competing trends.

Sleek straight hair

You should use hair straightener because shiny and straight hair will be a hit in 2017. The slogan is the smoother hair, the better. Additionally, you can use liquid crystals and serums to cope with your unruly hair.

Curls - from several waves to curly hair like “springs”

As аn opposite to the sleek and straight hair there is an alternative tendency for curly hair. If you have slightly wavy or curly hair you will be adorable in 2017. Again, use appropriate styling products for curly hair. According to a lot of experts the corkscrew curls look good for several days without special care for them. The curly hair is the perfect trend for all ladies who do not spend much time for their hairstyle.

Rapunzel’s Hair

The third trend that emerged this year is long hair in all variations and hairstyles. How to achieve this effect?
Do not think that if you eat only fruits and vegetables, wash your hair with quinine shampoo, use hair mask with egg yolk, olive and coconut oil you will have very long hair. All of these Grandma’s recipes have some positive effects but you should be aware that they do not do miracles. The truth is that not everyone’s hair root can nourish hair with a length of 80 cm.

So don’t worry if in you have not cut your hair at all and it is still short. The hair extensions are the best opportunity for you. If you want to see how you will look with long hair just come to our salon at Zlatovrah Street 23. We offer the largest variety of natural Indian hair with the highest quality.