Donate Hair Initiative

It is December. The time when annual charity campaign Bulgarian Christmas starts. This is the time when we show compassion to the fate of the sick children.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of cancer patients who lose their hair after prolonged chemotherapy. In recent years, a new donation initiative has started started. A lot of people donate their hair for wigs for cancer patients. The most poignant stories are for children who donate their hair to other children struck by the insidious cancer disease.

How we can help?

If you decide to cut your long hair it is good to know that it can be used for a good cause – making a wig for a patient. Everybody can support this initiative by donating at least 100 grams hair with length more than 30 cm. The hair could also have been colored. Do not forget that hair grows and the aid which we provide to the people in need is invaluable. The financial side of the problem is following.
How much does a wig cost?

The price for quality wig of natural hair varies between 500 and 1500 BGN. According to the Bulgarian standard of living the price is too high and few people can afford it. In 2015 the institutional support for the patients who need a wig is only 100 BGN. The amount is woefully inadequate even for a synthetic wig. The procedure is further complicated by a number of documents.

What is the work of wig-maker?

At least three weeks are needed to make a wig. The first step is hair disinfection. Almost always the hair color is changed according to the preferences of the person for whom it is. Making a wig is time-consuming but all wig-makers say that it is worth it in this case. Our bigger aim is to do this not only on Christmas but all year round and minimize the negative effects of chemotherapy.

Here is a video from last year’s campaign: