Our Philosophy for Beautiful Hair

The long, thick and healthy hair has always been standard for beauty and femininity. Every lady wants to have beautiful hair.

Sometimes nature is not generous with us in this regards but now we have the perfect solution for this problem. One of the easiest and quickest way to have a healthy, long and beautiful hair is by using extensions (natural hair extensions).

Natural hair extension can transform your overall look. To achieve this purpose, the extensions should be indistinguishable from your natural hair. They must have a structure and color close to your own hair.

For this reason, the quality and the manufacture of the hair are essential in our work. In our beauty studio the selection and manipulation of all hair is handmade – hair by hair from specialists with a lot of experience in this area. We trust only our own knowledge, skills and precision in drafting of the extensions. The work is time-consuming, only handmade but the result is unmatched. We always control the quality of manufactured extensions. In this respect, the beautiful hair needs an expert!

Furthermore, we offer only the highest quality extensions from natural virgin human hair. What does this mean? The virgin hair is taken by a single person. The requirements for this hair are high – not to be chemically treated (colored) or thermal (straightened or curled). This is the highest grade hair extension. Naturally, such hair will have a long life with proper maintenance by our professional hairdressers.

We know that every woman has unique hair. For this reason, in order to satisfy the requirements of our clients we have a wide assortment of straight, curly and wavy hair in various colors and lengths. The hair is the highest quality Indian hair with a long life.

The last question which probably excites you is “What can I do with my hair extensions?” The answer is very simple – the same things which you do with your own hair. Hair extensions can be color-dyed, curled, straightened and stylized as your own hair.

Here are the most important pieces of advice from our experts:

– buy only quality natural hair. Do not compromise with the quality of hair extensions.

– ask only experienced hairdresser which is the most suitable method and color for your extensions.

For more information or help do not hesitate to contact our consultants by phone. You are welcome in our beauty studio on “Zlatovrah” street 23 in Sofia.