The Best Hair Extensions Brands in the World

In the recent years, the hair extension market is full of different types of hair extensions. A lot of online shops offer hair extensions at a low cost. Very often when you have already bought and put the hair extension you realize that they are quite different from your natural hair. Even more, it is more unfortunate when you see that they are synthetic hair which is not appropriate even for a mannequin wig in a shop.

No doubt that if you want to look good you can not make compromise with the hair extensions quality. The most important thing is to make sure that you buy only high quality, 100% natural human hair. This will ensure your good appearance and the long life of your hair extensions. In this respect, when we talk about quality we should take a look at the global market and check two of the best hair extensions brands in the world:

Balmain Paris Hair Couture

For more than 40 years the French brand offers a wide range of hair extensions and products. The well-trained team of specialists propose training courses and consultation all over the world. The brand presents a wide variety of hair extensions in terms of colors and lengths with high quality. The hair is sourced from South East Asia.

Donna Bella

The company was founded in 2003. By offering a wide variety of methods they are able to satisfy each woman’s preference. Donna Bella uses only 100% Remy Human hair from India. The way of the hair to the customers is very interesting. The Indian women donate their hair to the temples which in turn is sold to fund orphanages, schools and to feed the homeless.

Similarly to those companies, we at Artforum, offer 100% natural Indian human hair with the highest quality in Bulgaria! Look at our photo gallery of hair extensions or come to our salon for more info!