Hair Extensions

With human hair extensions you can easily change her hairstyle and create a new look. You get long and voluminous hair properly, which can be straight or curly and can be taken out on the same evening, or take a long time. To meet your specific needs, Artforumhair® has developed various hair extension methods that you can easily use at home.

If you are using for the first time Extensions, or want long hair for an evening, the clip-on set is the right alternative. It consists of seven hairpieces that you simply can use in a few minutes with clips. Similarly, does the Red Carpet Collection, which consists of a hairpiece that attach easily with built-in clip.

If you want extensions that are to be worn over an extended period of time, so there are four other selectable methods: Nail Hair, which you use wax and heat use. Micro ring Extensions, you create by using micro rings and pliers fix, or the tape method in which you fix the Extensions using tape. Keep these hair extension methods, even if you as make or showers Sports. In the fourth method, the hair tress, put himself down the framework. The hair tress can be sewn onto an interwoven braid, so-called “Weaving”. You can also install micro rings, glue or stitch up to a clip-on set.

One common feature of all,  Artforumhair®  extensions is that they are available in many luxurious colors, lengths and qualities. All human hair extensions you can cut, wash and style specifically for your hair style.