Our Products

Our products include:

  1. Machine weft and hand made hair. We have both types of extensions. Usually, the handmade extensions are tailored to your needs in terms of density and amount of the hair.
  2. Keratin hair extension. This is high quality hair with keratin. It is easy to place and use. Additional care is not needed. It is made only from natural human hair. The locks of the hair can be color-dyed, curled, straightened and stylized as your own hair.
  3. Human hair wigs. They are made of 100% natural hair. Their main advantages are long life and the option to be color-dyed, straightened and stylized.
  4. Synthetic hair wigs. We usually prefer natural materials for wigs and hair extensions to be used but today synthetic hair wigs are also very popular. Many of us think that they will look artificial like a mannequin from a shop but it is not true. Indeed, these wigs are made of high quality synthetic fiber produced by the most innovative technologies. Their advantage is the low price.
  5. Hair bangs which give you an additional opportunity to experiment with your hairstyle. If you want to thicken your hair in front, the bang is the perfect solution. Do not forget that there are a lot of different ways to style it.
  6. Partial hair wigs and toupees. It’s an easy and quick way to lengthen, and thicken your hair. It is also used to cover hair losses on the head.
  7. Beards, mustaches, sideburns. These products are all about men. They add mystery and a different style. Usually, they are used in film productions and the theater.