Methods for Extending Hair

Choosing the most appropriate hair extension method depends on many factors. The most important ones are related to your hair type and the result that you want to achieve – temporary (for one night) or long term (over a month). It’s best to consult with a professional hairdresser for the most appropriate method for you in order to achieve the best result. We, at Art Forum Hair, have always individual approach to each client. For this reason we cannot plainly declare a universal method suitable for every hair type. Let’s take a look at some of the popular methods.

Clips-in hair extensions

Clips are small hairpins with silicone element through which the weft is firmly attached to the hair. This method is extremely practical, fast and convenient because the tape hair can be removed and replaced every day. The method is also suitable when you want to insert the hair extension only for special occasions such as photo shootings. This is an easy and fast way to have a long and beautiful hair.

Tape hair extensions

They are thin with invisible tape at the end. After sticking they merge with your natural hair. This method does not damage your hair.

Sewing / stitching hair extensions

This is one of the oldest methods for hair extension. The hair wefts are sewn to your hair with thread. The weft has to be lifted after 1-3 months because your natural hair grows. The sewed hair is firmly attached and looks very natural.

Keratin stands hair extension

This method using separate strands of hair extension. They have special keratin capsules, and the hair is firmly attached to the base of your natural hair. The number of the keratin strands depends on the volume which you want to have.

Caps hair extensions

The extension hair is attached to the natural hair with small eyelets with the same color. Extensions can be both rails and locks. Maintenance of hair with this method depends on the growth of your hair. Typically, about 1 – 3 months caps are moved upward to the base of the hair.

Art Forum has is proud to provide professional and high quality service in the selection of each of the above methods for hair extension.