Proper Care of Hair Extensions

Beauty requires maintenance and this also applies to hair extensions. Here are some professional tips from our experts.

  1. Washing
  2. Use a shampoo that is suitable for your natural hair type. Usually, the ends of the long hair are drier compared to the base of the hair. So you should provide hydration therapy with hair conditioner or mask. It is also good to know that the primary function of a hair conditioner is to make the hair easier to comb. On the other hand, the use of a hair mask protects it. For this reason, we recommend to use also a hair mask after each washing. The application of liquid crystals for hair before using a hair dryer is more than necessary. The regular use of a conditioner, a hair mask and liquid crystals will ensure your long hair continues to be soft, shiny and healthy!
    As you could see so far, you do not need any special products for taking care of your hair extensions. Furthermore, we will not recommend any special brands, nor hair products. If you have any questions or you are not sure which the best product for your hair is, please ask our hairdresser.

  3. Hair combing
  4. Our advice is to use a hairbrush. It does not damage the hair and is much easier. There are special brushes for extended hair, a combination of natural hair and synthetic fibers. The most important is to choose hair brush with which you feel comfortable. Remember that good and regular care will ensure a longer life for your hair.

  5. Color-dyed
  6. Hair extensions can be color-dyed. Please just observe only one simple rule – never color your hair at home. You can damage it or not to have the expected color. You can ask our experts for optimal duration of this procedure, what hair color would be the most suitable for you etc.

  7. Straightening and curling
  8. We use only extensions from 100% natural human hair. This hair can be straightened and curled just like your natural hair. Though, the frequent heat treatment with hair straightener or curling iron could harm your own hair and extensions. To avoid this you can use heat protection products. If possible, use a lower temperature with heat styling tool.

  9. Hair styling
  10. You can continue using the same styling products which are suitable for your own hair. Hair products with low alcoholic content are recommended.

As per our advice, hair extensions do not require too much care from your side. We are always available to discuss all questions which may bother you and of course to give you advice about how to keep your hair shiny and beautiful!