Tape-in Hair Extensions and Our Innovative Technology for Hair Bleaching

The tape-in hair extensions can be used to extend the hair as well as to add extra volume to your own hair. We at Art Forum Hair offer mainly tape-in hair extensions with lengths 50 and 55 cm. Of course, we can also offer you tape-in hair extensions with length and color to your preferences.

How do we achieve a variety of colors?

When we bleach or change the tape-in hair extensions color we again use our own innovative technology for hair bleaching. The method is unique because it keeps the cuticle – the outermost part of the hair shaft. On one hand, this guarantees the strength of the hair and, of course, ensures a much longer life of the hair. With this method it is possible to achieve any desired hair extensions nuance. Very good results have also been obtained with the modern ombre effect. Furthermore, we use only the highest quality virgin human hair.

Our customers have recently pointed out the main advantages of the tape-in hair extensions. They said that the hair is extremely flexible and natural-like.

1. Flexible

The tape-in hair extensions which we offer are extremely flexible compared to the other hair extension methods. One of the reasons for this is that the tape-in hair extensions are put near the base of the hair. Our clients share that they feel comfortable while wearing and brushing their hair. This is also true when they wash and dried their hair. In fact, the maintenance and the care for them are the same as for your own hair.

2. Natural-like

Two main factors are important for the natural-like hair extensions. First, to be made from real human hair and second to have the same color as your own hair. If you truly want flexible and natural-like hair extensions, the tape-in hair extensions are the best solution for you! If you want to check it for yourself, please visit our Art Forum Hair salon!