Ombre Hair Extensions are still Modern

In recent years the ombre trend is an absolute hit in line with manicures, makeup and hair. We will give a little more information on the ombre effect on hair and extensions.

1. What can be said about the ombre?

The word “ombre” comes from French and means “shadow”. The ombre in hairdressing is a special hair coloring technique.
The classic ombre hair has a smooth transition from dark hair roots to lighter ends. Hair seems grown from the last coloring and the bright edges give the impression of sun-kissed hair. If you use 3-4 lighter shades of the darkest of your hair the color is very natural. Of course, the ombre style enters in hair extensions. The advantages follow.

2. Benefits of ombre hair extensions

First, the ombre extensions can give you a lot of opportunities to experiment with your appearance before changing your hair color. They are perfect for each lady who just wants to try a trend and find out whether this hairstyle is suitable to her personality. Secondly, ombre hair extensions do not damage your hair. They can be used long time.

3. For whom are ombre hair extensions are appropriate?

Actually, ombre hair extensions are suitable for everyone – whether you have curly or straight, long or short hair. They are suitable if you already have ombre hair or short one color hair.
In terms of color, ombre hair looks good not only for brunettes and blondes who have brown hair and blonde ends. Indeed if you have dark hair you can also enjoy this style. The bright shades of red, purple, blue and even pink contrast to black hair. They are suitable for artistic persons or if you just want to be attractive on certain occasions.
Please contact our experts before to choose the best ombre style to you and go ahead to your new look!