Hair Color Trends for Spring 2017

It’s still winter and the temperature outside is below zero with little sun if any. That’s why it’s the perfect time to change your hair color without worrying that the sun will have a negative impact on it. At the same time, Spring is not so far and the most popular hair stylists outline the latest trends in hair colors for Spring 2017. Just keep on reading to know more!

The Wheat Blonde

The wheat blond color is a complex mixture of gold and light beige. The experts say that the color is universal and suitable for different hair types and colors. If you have suitable skin complexion you will look good even with pale pink shades. Also, the color looks great to the ladies with paler skin complexion.

The “Tiger Eye” color

Tiger’s eye is an ancient stone that is worn for protection and confidence. It is known to encourage bravery, to bring passion and physical strength. The color, which is named after the color of the stone, includes a wide range of rich browns and gold colors. So, the idea in the hair coloring is to replicate the nuances that are interwoven in the stone. The technique is similar to the balayage. Also, “Tiger eye” has another great advantage – it does not require frequent visits to the hair stylist. The different shades start at the length of the hair and do not affect the roots. You can give a break to your hair and leave it to grow more. As a result you will get a great ombre effect! A lot of national and international celebrities already managed to experiment with this new trend. Now it’s your turn!

The unlimited possibilities of the black ombre hair

We always have a look at Wheat Blonde and “Tiger Eye”. Now it is time for the black hair. In this respect the fashion trends offer many possibilities in spring 2017. Again we have to trust on ombre style. The black hair may finish with natural colors – brown, blond, gray and unnatural colors like bright red, blue, purple.

Now you are ready to say “Welcome Spring”!