Why Indian Hair is the Best for Extensions?

The Indian hair is the most common type for hair extensions bеcause of the following reasons:

  • The hair is with medium density and the structure is similar to the European one. Therefore it is very suitable for adding to the European hair.
  • It is easily styled and color-dyed. All manipulations are good for a long time.
  • It is with dark colors from brown to black and is usually wavy. The curled hair can be maintained or straightened with hair straightener and to be completely smoothed. This is especially important because almost always the natural hair color have to be changed depending on customer preferences who will use the hair. Perhaps only the color of the saturated black hair retained when the extensions are with the same color.
  • It is durable. This means that even after cutting, it has a long life. There are many cases when the Indian hair extensions are used around five years.

As per the above reasons it can be concluded that the Indian hair is the most suitable replacement for the European hair, especially for people with thick and hard hair. It is also the most in demand for the production of extensions.

On a side note, when we talk about Indian hair we often say that she is a virgin (untreated). What does that mean?

Usually the hair is taken from young Indian girls who have never color-dyed, straightened or curled their hair. It has been also carefully protected from the harmful sun rays. After the cutting, the hair is not processed with anything else except being washed several times with water. Therefore it is possible to have an aroma if it has been treated with essential oils. In some cases, the hair may have single gray or white hairs too.

As a whole, the Indian virgin hair is quite healthy and shiny. Thus it very reacts well to color-dying and has a long life. It can be also conveniently purchased in a variety of conditions – of weight or treces (rows) with different sizes.

That’s why we at Artforum work only with Indian hair!