3 Things You should Know Before Getting Extensions

Today a lot of ladies, and not only, use hair extensions. The next three practical tips are for those of you who will use hair extensions for the first time.

Make sure that your hairdresser has sufficient experience with hair extensions

Recently, almost every second hairdresser puts hair extensions. Though, this does not mean that he or she has sufficient knowledge and experience in this activity. We advise you not to trust the dubious beauty salons with specialists who have watched 5 videos on youtube how to put hair extensions. These hairdressers may not be able to fit them properly. Also, they are not able to advise you which hair color or hair extension methods are the best for you.

For this reason, your first task is to investigate whether your hairdresser has enough experience before you go ahead and accept their advice. You can get such information and recommendation from friends, acquaintances, internet.

Only natural human hair

For all of you who want to have beautiful hair and perfect vision it is important to use only 100% natural human hair. Only with this hair you are able to do the same thing such as your natural hair. It can be can color-dyed, curled or straightened. Of course the price for these extensions is high but the hair and the skin are some of the “accessories” which we wear with us every day. That’s why you should not make compromise with the quality.

Try clips-in extension first

If you want to put hair extensions for the first time, clips-in method is probably the best option for you. As the name suggests this method uses clips (hairpins). With their help the extension is securely attached to your natural hair. Also this method is extremely practical, fast and convenient because the hair can be removed and back attached frequently.

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