How to Care for Hair Extensions in the Summer

Оur hair is exposed to stress with the seasons change and the new temperature conditions. The main “stress” factors that influence both our natural hair and the extensions are the harmful UV rays from the sun, the sand on the beach, the salt water of the sea and the chlorine and other chemicals in the swimming pools. So during the summer it is extremely important to care for our hair and to avoid its dryness, thinning and loss of shine. Luckily, there is not much effort required or expensive procedures involved. Our mini program of 3 tips will help you for the beautiful look of your hair extensions during the upcoming hot summer!

Avoid hair products with alcohol

Our first tip is to avoid hair styling products that contain alcohol during the summer. These sprays together with the sun will dry your hair further. Although our hair extensions (Art Forum Hair) are made from 100% natural human hair with the highest quality, they do not moisturize as your natural hair from the scalp. Therefore, it is good to use moisturizing hair products with UV protection, hair conditioners and masks that are suitable for your natural hair.

Avoid staying with wet hair for long

It is good to dry your hair with a towel after each wash or if it is possible to use a hairdryer. You should not stay long with wet hair. It is advisable to keep your hair braided or in a low bun while swimming in the sea or in the pool to help avoid tangles. Also if you have ceratin bond hair extensions you have to avoid ponytails.

Wash your hair after swimming

During the summer, usually after swimming it is necessary to wash your hair more often. For the high quality hair extensions this is not a problem. You can also use a special extension-friendly brush. It has fiber that slide and do not harm the hair. However, you can use a regular brush to untangle the ends.

As you can see the hair extensions require almost the same care as well as our own in the summer.