What are Hair Extensions Made of

In the recent years the hair extension market has grown incredibly fast. It offers everything – from cheap artificial extensions from synthetic or animal fibers to 100% human virgin hair extensions with the highest quality. According to the materials used hair extensions are made of animal hair, synthetic and human hair.

Animal hair

The most popular type of animal hair extensions can include yak and horse hair. These hairs are much thicker and harder than the human hair. If the extensions are made only of them they are easily recognizable in appearance and touch. If there is a high percentage of human hair it is a bit more difficult. Typical for the hair of these two animals is that they take and hold the color very well.

Artificial synthetic hair

The artificial synthetic hair vary greatly in appearance and quality. Mainly synthetic polyester fibers are used for its manufacture. Recently, some Chinese manufacturers offer synthetic hair extensions that can stand the lower temperatures of the hair straightener and curling irons for a short time. The difference between human and synthetic hair is that the human hair has a natural shine. The synthetic fibers have a very strong and untypical shine. On the whole, the synthetic hair extensions are the most affordable, cheapest and least wanted in the world.

Human hair

The biggest advantage of the natural human hair extensions is that they look just like your hair. They have very long life with proper care. The price of human hair extensions is higher than the synthetic ones. The most human hair used for extensions is obtained from Asia (India, China) and Europe.

We hope that we have been helpful to you and you can recognize natural from synthetic hair extensions. Our advice is to buy hair extensions from hairdressers salons with a good reputation which offer only natural human hair with high quality.