Bleaching Hair Extensions - What Do We Need to Know

Today various hair extensions methods are available, as well as a variety of hair extensions colors. When talking about hair extensions colors, it should be noted that usually the high quality Indian hair is available in dark colors. Mostly, the Indian hair, which is used for hair extensions, is black and dark brown color. Almost always the hair extensions colors do not coincide with our natural hair. Quite often, after we have used hair extensions we want to change the color of our hair. This requires color-dyeing of the hair extensions and mainly to bleach them.

Here are our 3 basic tips for bleaching hair extensions:

  1. Please never try to bleach your hair extensions at home with hair dye or other products. The same is also true if you want to make hair extensions with ombre effect. You risk to damage your hair and you will hardly get the desired color.
  2. Do not try to color dye hair extensions which are made of synthetic materials. Only 100% natural hair extensions can be colored with conventional products.
  3. Only hair extensions made of healthy human hair can be bleached. Bleaching hair extensions will get better if the hair has not been chemically treated (colored) or thermal (straightened or curled). This is called untreated (virgin) hair. This hair even after bleaching keeps its strength and long life.

We know that each woman’s hair is unique. For this reason, first of all Art Forum Hair hairdressers have created their own innovative technology for hair bleaching. The method is unique because it keeps the hair’s cuticle saved. As a result, this hair has a very long life.

With this method you can achieve any desired nuance of your natural hair. This will ensure the perfect blending with your natural hair.

Furthermore, hairdressers from Art Forum Hair use only the highest quality 100% natural Indian hair! For more information and discussion please visit our Facebook page!